Change lobby music


How to change lobby music?

I want to setting every place/pipe to my music.

But i don't know to do that.


How to setting.

when player on lobby i want to play another music and other place.

I have the ogg music.


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Once you have your music in OGG format rename the files to the music you would like to replace. LOBBY.ogg for example and place it in your data folder.


go to where your server files are and add the new LOBBY.ogg to the patches folder and restart your patch server.

word of caution i dont know if they fixed it but there was a issue with me before where if the first client that connects to the patch already has it the patch server wont send out the files to others and wont let them connect. if thats not the case anymore thats fine. but you got it from here


Like Ichan said, simply put any files you wish for all clients/players to have in
login/patches folder and the next time your players launch the client and log in they will have their clients patched with your new LOBBY.ogg file so it will match your own client and everyone will hear the same music.

Depending on the events you want to change, the following files are used for them:
Halloween event - HALLOWEEN.OGG
Valetines day event - VALENTINE.OGG

Not sure what the christmas one is named.


qmnty said:
But, it will make client download the file again.

and change the old music files.
If they are in the patch server (/login/patches/) then they will overwrite any custom ones your players have as the server checks the patch server to make sure all files are up to date for every client.

If you want to allow users to change their own LOBBY.ogg files on their own and not have the same file used universal across your server, remove LOBBY.ogg from your patch folder and the patch server will no longer overwrite it. :)