Challenge Mode (Set) (Box) Drops


Brechstange DEluxe
There are a few things regarding drops which I think have not been mentioned here. Correct me if stuff has been fixed since November.

1C1: Shield drops rather than Barrier. Too high tier, never seen on GC anyway.
1C2: Saber +10 (set) from the box in the center of the 7 boxes (2 are tools, 2 are armor, 2 are weapon, 1 is Saber +10) behind the fence in first area does not drop or is replaced by a different drop.
1C2-3: Higher tier units such as General/Arm, /Power, /Mind, /Legs drop throughout the stage. Not supposed to.
1C4: General/HP and Resist/Flame dropped from Hidoom/Migium. You only get Digger/HP or Resist/Fire on GC.
1C5: Brand +5 set drop (the one in the extra room to the left behind the wall after the first room) has no grind.
1C7: Buster +3 set drop behind the rock in area 33 has no grind.
1C9: Metal/Body drops. Not supposed to happen.

2C2: In the split part with the laser switch in area 10, where you go down the ramp, the 4 random armor boxes (4x set) sometimes yield barrier or unit drops. Not supposed to.
2C2: General/x units drop throughout. Too high tier.
2C4: The 2 boxes in the large squid room in the first area sometimes contain a shield drop - sometimes even a unit) rather than armor (2x set normally).
2C5: Some of the 4 boxes in the corners (on the right side, when you enter a floor) are supposed to contain 2 armors and 2 shields, but those often drop more than 2 shields or even units.

HP/Restorate and TP/Restorate are not supposed to drop anywhere in C but they do right now.

Afaik these aren't retry bugs.

-- I will edit this post as soon as new things are discovered, will also add screenshots where necessary --
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