Can't accept outside connections.

I have a server running that I can log in to and play.
I'm doing in for myself and a few friends who want a vanilla experience.
I have multiple accounts working but I can only log in myself.
All of my friends get the 903 error.
I'm not sure where my problem lies. My best guess would be that the .exe is pointing to the wrong IP but then how could I connect even?



If you're running the server on the same computer you're running the client then the client's default/unedited IP would allow just you to play. If your friends are getting 903s more or less instantly (as opposed to after a noticeable gap) and you didn't edit the client's IP before you distributed it then it likely is the case that that's your issue!

You should grab a good free hex editor (14.) and change all instances of in the client to your external IP address and then distribute it.


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Going to also assume you remembered to forward the correct ports in your router and that, if you're using Windows Firewall, you've allowed either the ports or the executables for the server to accept connections.
hey reporting back!
it was my router.
it is well now.
in more recent news we keep disconnecting after dragon kills as soon as the video plays
that would happen after he dies? weird.
so can i move the data from one to the other?
thanks for your help
[im headed to work now wont see replies for about 7 hours]


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Yes, the server checks bosses specifically over regular mobs. If your client reports you killed the Dragon and its object ID doesn't match what the server thinks it should be, there is a hard coded check to disconnect the player.

Same for the other bosses too.
Heym could you please let me know the steps to fix it?
Is there a good pointer to find the IDs? Where can I find them in the server files?


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IIRC if you are using the data files from Scht's client on the teth client this will occur. Just ensure that you are using data files from a teth client.

I'll upload a full teth client to pioneer2 tonight if you are unable to find one.
That must be my issue then.
I'll search a little before work today but not sure where I could find a teth client, can only find "branded" server installs or the original BB files.
Thanks again for your help.


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Yeah. TBH probably any other private server's files should. However I think we should host a teth full client here on p2 to avoid using any nonstandard files.
Re: changing the font

Eden files worked. Everything is running smooth and we can kill bosses.
I can change all the options through the exe
but the font wont stick, it shows system in game, even if the options say "verdana" or "ms sans serif".
Also, is there any way to increase draw distance? My google-fu is weak today.
Sorry again for the double post.
Re: font & draw distance

Triple post. Why am I unable to edit my posts after such a short amount of time?
Anyway, I guess some fonts just render really weird or not at all.
I've got a few random fonts to show up. No luck on draw distance.


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Open online.exe (ensure you run as admin), select options, click advanced under graphics and then increase the slider for clip distance.

I personally just stick with system for my font in PSOBB. Most other fonts look awful. But not running online.exe as admin would prevent the settings in the registry from being updated.

You can also run options.exe with out the need of online.exe by using the switch of 1936025441 ("ages" in hex) or it may have been 1634166131
("sega" in hex) I forget which exactly. One is used for opening the options.exe and the other is used on psobb.exe to play the credits. Anyway i digress. So "options.exe /1936025441" or "options.exe /1634166131".
Re: thanks :)

Hey thanks, yeah I was wondering if there was anything beyond the options for draw distance because it seems to be very short, ie. not even all the way across most of the larger rooms at max distance.

thanks for the switch tips
more questions when the time comes :)