Bring back hit materials...


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i heard these were pulled after dc version, im not sure if your aware but it is a HUGE pain trying to hit stuff in ultiamate with some classes.

The material doesn't go over your max, it just helps you Max which you can do now with units.

Regardless it would make mat plans easier with more options. So I am all for it.


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It isn't too hard to hit stuff on ultimate with a high dex mag and 1/2 god or heavenly arm units!

unless you're a FOmar
then you'll have to rely on combo glitches and alt-q


Options for higher ATA for characters:

45+ DEX on mag for leveling up character.

God/Arm or Heavenly/Arms unit(s).

Smartlink for ranged weapons on HU/FO.

50% Hit non-rare Charge weapons from Weapons Shop.

S-Parts ver2.01.

Ranger Wall.

Red Ring.


Forces and huney kinda do need them imo, as their potential before RR and even with RR is much lower. Probably not happening, would be neat though as it was a vanilla least for a while.


A weapon to fight for pioneer 2...
I guess tp mars are acquirable in the normal game or so i hear on shoutbox...


Yes, TP Materials are available in Normal Mode:
  • Spending Lucky Coins from Phantasmal World series quests on Lucky Roulette in Gallon's Shop quest.
  • Spending MA4 tickets from MA4 quests from any episode on MA4 Venue quest located in EP2.