Bank of inactive accounts

PT-BR :(

Eu gostaria de saber se existe uma forma para detectar contas inativas e apaga-las. mandar e mail de aviso para que saibam que suas contas serão apagadas.
temos apenas 20 player ativos e mais de 1000 contas Oo isso é um incomodo.
se existir uma forma para resolver este problema eu agradeço.

ENG :p

I wonder if there is a way to detect inactive accounts and delete them. and send warning mail to let them know that their accounts will be deleted.
we have only 20 active players and over 1000 Oo accounts this is a nuisance.
if there is a way to solve this problem I thank you.


I implemented something like this, but simply put, there is no need to do that, could be a nuisance but databases are made for this.
I thought of a way for players to recover their passwords so many would not have to create new accounts. but I do not possess this knowledge


As it has been discussed before, you just need a php webpage with access to update your database. Search the forum for it, you should be able to find it (or anything related)