i've been thinking about getting an S-rank for my fomarl. also general force srank discussion.

suggestions? ive heard demons cards is good but i tested it in sandbox and it felt like garbage. not a superfan of hell/arrest jcutter, theyre a bit more specific than i like.


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Hell/Arrest J-cutter are REALLYGOOD on all FOs that can use them (I'd prioritize these; Hell first)
Demons cards are cool but I think SNS SoF is better in most situations.
Demons Mechs are pretty good on FOnewm/Newearl
Hell Scythe is cool but it requires a LOTTA ATA to be effective so I wouldn't recommend for a FO
the only other relevant S-rank I can think of is Berserk/Spirit twin. (probably not that useful in practice.)


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Did you use the cards right? SN at about max range, or NNS (NHS?) so all your S hits the same target.
Arrest JC should be more accurate than arrest raygun/holy ray, but being fleshy means its activation is kind of low. Then again you lack control and it's about the best (?) control you have.


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I was really bored of FOmarl
then I got a hell jcutter
(it has uses outside of ep2!)


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I'd recommend Hell J-cutter because kill stuff fast and also usable for every class except FOney. Just keep it in your shared bank for all your chars
"inb4 hell jcutter"

thanks for the replies mates. @Melirei i did try using sns on the demons cards; i think fomarl is too slow for it to work at all. the shotgun appeal sounds nice in theory but the ata is just not enough as fomarl. also ive found hray to be a much better utility as the added range compared to arrest jcutter has been hugely helpful in some situations (dorphons).

i have the lowest ata in the game, guys. thats why i'm not psyched about sranks with no hit, and jcutter sns is just a tad gimmicky for me.


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Hell J-Cutter, Demon Cards are pretty much the only useful S-Ranks on FOmarl. Demon's J-Cutter is also good for that extra target with SNS, but SoF will almost always be better for range and hit.

Arrest J-Cutter is also nice for when you need to hit multiple targets (completely different usage to Holy Ray).


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Because Demon's is a 50% roll after hitting, so it will seem much less accurate.

Hit with Demon's Activation → Demon's.
Hit without Demon's Activation → Miss
Miss → Miss