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Hi there,

I have a question about the ship server. Is it possible to force the ship server to send the battle parameter entries to the login server allowing for multiple ships with different battle parameter settings? I am trying to give players the option of a harder difficulty level.



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No. But what you can do as a workaround is probably set up two different login servers (on different ports), that access the same database (Only do this if you're using MySQL), with two different executables for your users.

They could launch the harder EXE when they want a challenge, but they'd be segregated from people who are on the other login/ship. They could migrate at will by using the easier EXE when they wanted to do that as well.

... If that makes sense.


Been done before, because there are two login servers, it allows for easy dupe by dual logging to both servers at the same time.

You give everything you want to give on first client and log out, it saves to the database then on second client you log out later which saves the data but the person who took the items from the first client gets to keep all of them while you lose nothing due to second client having all the items and saving later on. This is ok if you only play with a bunch of friends, otherwise it will break the economy of your server.

Now if you look at something like this, it has much more potential, but isn't exactly implemented on any server at the moment due to the lack of interest.
That added difficulty level looks interesting :D
I am only playing with friends on my server, so we can live using the double login server method.
Perhaps one day that will be implemented though!