A friendly new face !


Prima Undine
Good day !

I'm a new player on this server and wanted to introduce myself to the community.

I'm from Belgium (my native language is French) and I've been playing PSO since the Ver.2 on the Dreamcast. Since then, I have played on Gamecube (Ep1&2 and Ep3), PSO:BB Official server, Phantasy Star Universe on PC and then PSO:BB private servers. I've played some PSO2 too.

I was on Schthack but since the character loss (RIP), I said to myself to try out another server and here I am. So far, I like it here the best. As soon as I got in the game, Arch (Rem) and Mew helped me (thanks to you two <3) and everyone sounds friendly (so far), the atmosphere is really better.

As for my in-game character, I'm playing a Lv60+ RAmarl (same name as here). It's kinda hard to restart from zero but it's going well so far. :p

I think that's enough for a little introduction. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

See ya in-game ! :3


Hiya. I look forward to seeing you.

Also I have a lot of questions.

How come we only ask ourselves the really big questions when something bad happens?


lmao gae bolg
Welcome to Ephinea, Jyuki! You're in good company here, as a lot of us have similar backgrounds (aside from being from Belgium). I'm also a Schthack refugee (as well as many others), and my main back there was also a RAcaseal named Bee. If you see me in game, be sure to say hi. :3