1. brionac

    Linux Tutorial for Playing PSOBB on Ephinea

    UPDATE! - Check out this quick post first! 2020 Editorial Note: So you dumped Windows 7 out of necessity, and Windows 10 sucks? Well, here's something that I have used back in 2018. It's out of date, but the idea to run the game via Wine is still possible. So here's the guide, and I'll get...
  2. psydtrancer

    Play PSOBB on Mac OS X V2.0 *UPDATED* 2019

    ** Updated guide for Mojave users ** Hey guys, so with the help of others in this thread that have mentioned wine updates and simply installing wine and running PSO is simple now. So I will just put the new guide here where it can be found easily and requires way less effort and techie-ness...