virtual reality

  1. SpikeEscape

    PSO addon for first person mode, it exists and I want to find it.

    Hello all, been playing this game on and off for something around 12 years, I was going through the PSO subreddit and found this post: In this he includes a photo at the end of using a handgun in first person similar to in PSO2...
  2. Theanine

    Space Pioneer - a VR/3D-stereoscopic PSO machinima

    Hello! :) I just recently published a 3D-stereoscopic PSO machinima, set in Pioneer 2 (Episode I). It's meant to be watched with a VR headset. A cheap mobile one will work. Technically, a 3D TV should also work (I just have none to test on). I recorded it all using EP1&2 for GameCube...