1. Arsuru

    Arsuru's Instant Unsealing

    Items do their best now and are unsealing. Please watch warmly until it is ready. Status: Instant: Limiter - Accepting Swordsman Lore - Accepting Lame d'Argent - Accepting Sealed J-Sword - Accepting Order: Lame d'Argent - Not Accepting Sealed J-Sword - Not Accepting How it works: Units: You...
  2. Arsuru

    Arsuru's Surplus

    Hello, and welcome. EN/FR/JP OK Discord: Arsuru#2826 UTC +1 This list is always current. Listed items are almost certainly still available. Prices listed are negotiable; reservation possible within reason. Items without a price are probably 1 PD or less. PM me here or on Discord for the fastest...
  3. EricPimpi

    Instant Limiter Unsealing!

    Don't wanna deal with unsealing? Don't wanna wait? Wanna use your Adept right now? I got you buddy!! Give me your Limiter (and some PDs) and I'll give you an Adept. Adept = 10 PDs + Limiter
  4. Andy

    Andy's Item, Mag, & Unseal Shop! Making Ragol Great Again!

    * * * MAKING RAGOL GREAT AGAIN, ONE INAUGURATION AT A TIME! * * * Welcome to Andy's Warehouse! We have a HUUUGE selection of items! We've made unseal requests great again! Competitive mag manufacturing for both normal mode and hardcore! NOW ACCEPTING EGGS + BADGES CONVERSION RATES FOR...