1. Arsuru

    Arsuru's Surplus

    Hello, and welcome. EN/FR/JP OK Discord: Arsuru#2826 This list is always current. Listed items are almost certainly still available. Prices listed are negotiable; reservation possible within reason. My local time is France o'clock. PM me here or on Discord for the fastest response. Please keep...
  2. EricPimpi

    Instant Limiter Unsealing!

    Don't wanna deal with unsealing? Don't wanna wait? Wanna use your Adept right now? I got you buddy!! Give me your Limiter (and some PDs) and I'll give you an Adept. Adept = 10 PDs + Limiter
  3. Andy

    Andy's Item, Mag, & Unseal Shop! Making Ragol Great Again!

    * * * MAKING RAGOL GREAT AGAIN, ONE INAUGURATION AT A TIME! * * * Welcome to Andy's Warehouse! We have a HUUUGE selection of items! We've made unseal requests great again! Competitive mag manufacturing for both normal mode and hardcore! NOW ACCEPTING EGGS + BADGES CONVERSION RATES FOR...