1. Gengarr

    random stuff for sale or trade

    pm me or reply with offers on each item, will take pd and meseta or whatever else you want to offer. not too amazing but trying to clear some items Weapons Blizzard Laser +7 0/0/0/0/50 Hell Raygun +2 0/0/50/35/40 Demon's Raygun +6 40/0/0/0/40 Demon's Laser +7 25/0/0/0/20 Gush Vulcan +4...
  2. Esther


    Nothing to see here :3
  3. Esther


    This one is gonna go for 20 pd. Want only PDs plz
  4. Esther


    V101 was sold
  5. Esther

    S> V101 (Sold)

    It's a unit. It makes you move fast...With stats! You want?! >:3
  6. Esther

    S> Limiter (PDs or Eggs) [Sold]

    Fresh new. 0 kills Priced at 18 PD or 25 Eggs Scarlet (RAmarl) Sassy (FOnewearl) Cinnamon (FOmarl) Rezerabath (HUnewearl) Spirit (FOmar) Hekapoo (HUnewearl) Nexus (FOnewm) Arjinti (HUcaseal) Sheydaz (RAmar) Suu (RAcaseal)
  7. Esther

    S> V101 9PD (Sold)

    There's nothing to see here :3