ultimate mode

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    Olga Flow No Item drop Ultimate mode Purplenum

    Hello this happened about 1 hour ago from now I hosted as my RAmarl 888 id section Purplenum farming Parasite Gene Flow at olga flow Respective Tomorrow… This happened multiple times and I was suggested to make a bug report, on top of that i’ve been suspiciously disconnected a few times before...
  2. The Angel of Death has arrived.

    The Angel of Death has arrived.

    Watch out and beware Boomas, your time has come...
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    Seeking help in ultimate

    All I need is one gold badge but the game has refused to give one to me so far. Since I'm level 110 my ability to do MAEs in ultimate is lacking. Would someone be okay with half carrying me though MAEs until I find a gold badge? Thanks in advance!
  4. Nice shot loser

    Nice shot loser

    A Gillchich attempts to 360 noscope me