1. ZelLok

    Make Custom BGM w/Audacity

    First thing you'll need to do is download and run Audacity. It's free. Open the song you want to turn into a BGM in Audacity. It is best if the song has a section that plays multiple times or it may be tough to find a spot to make it loop. In the bottom of the Audacity screen make sure the...
  2. Esther

    A trick to not suffering accidental Photon Blasts while keeping 100PB

    Volume warning guys. Didn't lower game SE enough. My bad. Don't go in with high volume.
  3. ZelLok

    Odgar's guide to FOing

    Being an effective Force is not hard, there is a flow chart that should be followed to play a Force efficiently. Healing/Reviving > Buffing > Debuffing > Crowd Control > Damage 1. Healing/Reviving Make sure everyone has high hp and use a moon / reverser on the dead to get them back on their...
  4. xSHIVAx

    Guide for Creating and using own Models in game

    not available anymore