1. Moriki

    Trading for MIND and HP Material

    Hi, I'm looking to unload the following materials in exchange for either "Mind Material" or "HP Material" (though I'd prefer the MIND at this point) 1x - Def Material 5x - Hit Material 2x - Delsaber's Right Arm This is for the Dreamcast version.
  2. brionac

    Hardcore Mode Offers

    This is a thread that will be updated as necessary to show what I like to buy and sell directly in hardcore mode. Please see my signature to click my first link to find me. To see my normal offers, click here. As I attempt to indicate in each line, the left side is what I offer, and the right...
  3. ereden

    wtb> hell laser 50% hit & Scape Dolls

    Will trade HC photon drops, looking to grab one to make grinding on ultimate easier on my Racast, (will be available allnight to trade, other wise I won't be on until sunday midnight, you can dm me on discord: Lich in the Nechrol#3106)
  4. heaven puncher

    heaven puncher