1. Venric


    tldr for the impatient: Grab the file from here, run it, go through the simple prompts, and go back to watching cat videos: I was miraculously able to convince three of my friends to get into PSO with me! A glorious, glorious day! Of the four of us...
  2. K

    Model extract/conversion tool?

    I have been looking for a way to efficiently extract PSO:BB models; maps, weapons, monsters, props etc. I haven't found a reliable solution, only method I know of is Ninja Ripper but i want to avoid using that. I figured i'd ask on the forums here, in hopes there might be a tool around that is...
  3. TediousEel

    Patching offline server

    First, allow me to start off by saying this: You ladies and gentlemen are phenomenal for making and maintaining one of the best game series I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I downloaded the offline version of your server, and have been enjoying the nostalgia of being a teenager all over...