1. Brvcx

    [Done]A> Christmas Spoils (including paints, stealth kits and a Syncesta) [CHB: "Schfifty Five"]

    Heya, New year, new me, pre-spring cleaning and all that jazz, I'm putting up the things I found both in presents and during Christmas Fiasco runs I haven't sold yet up for grabs. Here's the list: -Devil's TypeDS/Rod 0/0/0/0|30 {Xmas Event 2022-2023} -Charge TypeGU/Hand 0/0/0/0|40 {Xmas Event...
  2. Draft

    PDA>Syncesta CHB [45](Closed)

    Res 1 CD 72hrs after first bid Resets 24 hours Buyout 55pds
  3. TTF RR Run - Joe Pesci found a Syncesta in Hardcore Mode

    TTF RR Run - Joe Pesci found a Syncesta in Hardcore Mode

    Baranz dropped it with a ~1/11862 drop rate in a Skyly run of TTF.
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    A > Syncesta (Yes, it's real) (Finshed)

    For all your Lavis related needs, I present to you, this. A mighty fine specimen of a 'Syncesta'. Reserve: 23 PDs (made up a number) Countdown: 48 hours after first bid is placed. Reset: 24 hours in the event of a bid being made in the last 24 hours of the countdown and every 24 hours after...
  5. Ai


    Hey, offering 30pds for a Syncesta. DCD#0001
  6. Ceri0n

    This months HBR analytics

    Well, I will try to make a summary of this HBR and what it drops. I did this in the past a couple of times but because of a PSO burn-out I pretty much quit a year and a half ago. But I am back (already for a couple of months though) and I am here to stay for a while again. Anyhow, I’ve added a...