1. Firkraag

    A> Arms [30/0/0/60|65] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 13 pd Dark Meteor?! Reserve: 5 pd Countdown: 24 Hours
  2. Psopics2


  3. Psopics


  4. C

    Been at this for 10 hours in counting.

    Okay. I've gone through the steps so many time in the text and I think I'm where I'm supposed to be. Problem: I start the game and it doesn't boot up. I'm stuck at number 5: Turn on Data Execution Prevention for essential Windows programs only I go to Control Panel->System and...
  5. CritDraw

    Sange's Tradelist (Closed)

    PM me or post here; you can also contact me on Discord: Sange#7478 Time Zone is CST -6. Currency accepted: Photon Drop Photon Sphere = 1:90 PD Photon Crystal = 1:2 PD Meseta = 400k:1 PD Wants: L&K38 Combat 50H+ N/AB Sange 50H+ with Dark or available area