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    Hardcore and Standard Character Slots in Launcher?

    Hello Devs, Admins and Staff, First I would like to thank you for making PSO playable again. You guys are doing great work and I appreciate the community you have built. I am grateful to be able to play a game that I cherished. I know that Hardcore/sandbox/standard are all aspects of account...
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    Beat time to Eastern standard time conversion for HS/HP

    Posting this to make it easy for people to change beat time to their time zone. EST (Eastern Standard Time) 7 pm-000 beat/1000 beats (Divine Punishment) 9:24 pm-100 beats (Berserk) 11:48 pm-200 beats (Divine) 2:12 am-300 beats (Berserk) 4:36 am-400 beats (Divine) 7 am-500 beats (Berserk) 9:24...