spread needle

  1. Brvcx

    A>Ranger/RAmar starter kit [SOLD: 70]

    Ever thought about starting a ranger, specifically a RAmar? This is the kit I used when I first started, only to realise what I already knew once again, I prefer HU's/FO's personally. So I'm putting this up for grabs. Only thing missing from my starter kit is a 50h Baranz Launcher, but a friend...
  2. Spuz

    A> Spread Needle [Seize] [0/0/0/35|40] [Done]

    It is actually untekked (@ 30h) still but I will tekk it for you if you wish. CHB: @Chelka w/70pds Reserve: 5 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: Reset CD: 24hr from bid: 16/06/22 @19:38 (UTC) If not pds, wants are as follows:
  3. Spuz

    A> Spread Needle +40 [Seize] [0/0/0/0|25] [DONE]

    CHB: @TheWombat w/10pds Reserve: 10 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: 22/02/22 @04:13 (UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid: If not pds, wants are as follows:
  4. Firkraag

    A> Spread Needle [25/0/0/0|45] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 99 pd Reserve: 99 pd Countdown: 48 Hours
  5. Firkraag

    Spread Needle [35/15/0/0|35] [Sold]

    Winner @bubblegum for 35 pd! Reserve: 13 pd Countdown: 24 hours, 24hr resets
  6. S

    B> Spread Needle

    Looking to buy Spread Needle paying in PDs
  7. Spuz

    A> Spread Needle [Seize] [0/0/0/0|15] [DONE]

    Res: 2pd Initial bid- 48h Reset (@buddy 2pd @20:44 BST Saturday) CHB Bids- 24h Resets
  8. Spuz

    Spread Needle+40 [0/0/0/0/15] [DONE]

    Res: 1pd Initial bid- 48h Reset CHB Bids- 24h Resets (CHB @12:11 BST Friday @Vampira)
  9. RpiesSPIES

    A>0/15/0/15|30[hit] Spread Needle <Ended 25PD>

    CHB:One Armed Scizzor 25 PD's Reserve 5PD Timer after first bid: 24h Reset: 24h Also accepting: Gold Badges (1:1) Meteor Cudgel of equal or greater hit with (or room for) Machine and AB
  10. RpiesSPIES

    A>25/0/0/0|30[hit] Spread Needle <Sold 22PD>

    Reserve 10PD Countdown starts 24h after first bid Refreshes 24h each previous bid Alternate wants: Gold Badges (1:1 with pd's) Meteor Cudgel with hit(equal or greater hit with room for dark/machine) (hardcore also accepted)
  11. SwagMan

    A> SN 35/0/0/30 45H [Closed]

    Reserve: 70pd Wants: PD, PS (95PD), min stat RR (35PD) 72 hr countdown after first bid 24 hr reset after each following bid GL!
  12. Ai

    LF>listed items

    Hi. A few items i'm looking for: (updated 8.3.2017) Spread Needle - 2 PD+ God or Heavenly/Power Heavenly/HP Frozen Shooter L. Mantle or decent slotted armor Chainsawd Zanba Hunter Mag ----------------------------------- I have: 6 PDs 1.4 Million Meseta 20 Power Mats 5 HP Mats if you're...
  13. Henonk

    PC>Some stuffs

    Hi, Things i got in stock & i'm looking to sell, as i'm pretty new here i dunnot know the prices : Rianov 303SNR-5 00/15/00/00:40 Chaos Vulcan 25/15/00/00:40 Hell Vulcan 00/00/00/00:45 Arrest Vulcan 00/00/40/25:40 Flame Visit 00/25/00/20:20...