scape doll

  1. Marcher

    Scape Doll Counter Addon

    So... I've been lurking the forums for some time. Finally have a valid reason to register an account. Paganini/BlackBetty/Betty in game. Bobiwan Kenobi on Discord. I present to you a simple little addon that shows a counter of Scape Dolls. Uses...
  2. Kalantra

    Kalvo's Boutique

    Welcome! This is Ragol's pop up shop. We accept all major Pioneer 2 currencies! PD PC =1PD Meseta 500k =1PD 250k =.5PD 100k =.25PD Discord is the best way to get a fast reply! Kalantra#8543 I am on most nights after 5:30 pm CST. I will accept listed price or any reasonable offer. Thank you...
  3. Escutcheon

    Hardcore Team: CORE

    A Helpful HARDCORE Team! WELCOME CORE is a small (for now) hardcore team with a focus on helping newer hardcore players stay alive. RULES We expect you to follow all of Ephinea's Rules, no exceptions. We also have a couple guidelines that all are encouraged to follow, as to help keep the...
  4. Spuz

    2c4 Scape not showing.

    In area 22, right at the end is a set of boxes. (You are required to ignore warp to area 23 but press a switch next to it, smash a wall down and take the warp there to these boxes). Every single time I have hosted the game on my HC account the 'scape box' is an empty box.
  5. Spuz

    Green Dot (Scape Dolls for HC)

    A green dot for scapes dolls. They already have the jingle and on-screen notification for HC players due to the fact HC players are reliant on them and consider them a 'rare'.