1. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Rianov 303SNR-5 (50/35/0/0) (Cancelled)

    It's like a CR, but way worse. Maybe use it for Dal Ra Lie or something, but probably not. Could also be good for Ep4? I don't know, just buy it. Reserve: 1 PD Countdown: 24 hours
  2. brnnub

    A> Gratia [20/20 | 15/15] (Max Stat) - Done @ 30

    Reserve: 4 PD Countdown: 48H Resets: 24H Thank you & GL :)
  3. Henonk

    PC>Some stuffs

    Hi, Things i got in stock & i'm looking to sell, as i'm pretty new here i dunnot know the prices : Rianov 303SNR-5 00/15/00/00:40 Chaos Vulcan 25/15/00/00:40 Hell Vulcan 00/00/00/00:45 Arrest Vulcan 00/00/40/25:40 Flame Visit 00/25/00/20:20...