red fox

  1. Yellow Sato GET!

    Yellow Sato GET!

    My 3rd Sato I've made so far on Ephinea, another POW Sato. This one is for my RAcaseal, Bee, to match her color.
  2. Mind Sato GET!

    Mind Sato GET!

    At long last, I've finally leveled up this mag to evolve into a Sato. It was more of a passion project than anything, since Sato HAS to have 45 DEX on it. DEX and POW are pretty much good for nothing to me on my FOnewearl, Red Fox. But still, I'm glad I have it now. :3
  3. Sato3


    And it is. My first Sato has been obtained. :3
  4. Sato2


  5. Entire Party Of FOnewearls

    Entire Party Of FOnewearls

    In all of my experience playing PSO, an entire party of forces is rare enough, but the odds of FOnewearl-only party is similar to odds of being hit by lightning. Pretty cool I got to do an all FOney TTF run. Alas that's the only run we did, everyone split up after that.