red barrier

  1. Dreamer

    A> Red Barrier [0/5 | 0/5] (CHB: 4 PD) [Done]

    Minimum Bid: 4 PD Countdown: 72 Hours Reset: 24 Hours Wants: Photon Drops Come James Bond on your FO with a double-oh Barrier.
  2. D

    Want to trade my Mother Garb+ and Red Barrier for God/Ability or Heavenly/Ability or Centurion/Ability

    Let me know here or send an in-game message to my character: Dafirus
  3. Epor


    On any item/items you wish to have please just make an offer. Weapon: Dragon Slayer (0/0/25/0) Bloody Art (0/0/35/0) Devil's Diska (0/0/0/25) Diska of Braveman (15/30/10/0) Club of Laconium (25/15/20/0) Armors: Sacred Cloth +3slots Infantry Mantle +2Slots...