1. Spuz

    A> Striker Units x5 ~ [All RA & Leveling] [Closed]

    Now that I have a Heaven Punisher, I have no need for these fridges. [188 Dex] <--- Leveling Mag [5/148/47/0] <--- RAcast Min/Max [5/152/43/0] <--- RAcaseal Min/Max [5/155/40/0] <--- RAmarl Max Stats [5/160/35/0] <--- RAmar Max Stats Reserve Price: 10pd Countdown: 48hr: Timer Started...
  2. Brvcx


    Heya, It has max Synchro and IQ, is a 5/152/43/0 mag and has Mylla & Youlla, Estlla and Pilla PBs. Cheers,
  3. kanae

    a>red ring (*blue) [55/85 | 1/25] {SOLD}

    blue red ring [55/85 | 1/25] res: 40 countdown: 48 hr reset: 24hr
  4. kanae

    pumpkin pie racl keylime pie racl cherry pie racl blueberry crumble racl

    500k meseta : 1 pd trueluv 8u techs:
  5. Firkraag

    Ranger Equips [CLOSED]

    CLOSED! Please visit my regular trade list here! [/spoiler]
  6. RAcaseal on Ice

    RAcaseal on Ice

    File Name: Pso132275846746913138
  7. Squinting RAcaseal

    Squinting RAcaseal

    File Name: Pso132196211250529120 - She seems dopey. :)
  8. RAcl CK Meme

    RAcl CK Meme

    My life on Ephinea
  9. PSU RAcaseal Cosplay

    PSU RAcaseal Cosplay

    Due to PSU's limited color selection for casts, pink isn't an option so I can't recreate the RAcaseal from the concept art like I can with HUcaseal. It doesn't even do the red palette swaps from PSO much justice, either. But I appreciate RAcl parts being in the game.
  10. ⭐Bee⭐ becomes my first lv200 character in PSO!

    ⭐Bee⭐ becomes my first lv200 character in PSO!

    After some 629 hours of playtime on her, she finally hits level 200. I could have hit 200 last year if I wasn't so lazy, but whatever. I'm glad to have hit it at all. Believe it or not, despite me having played PSO since the DC this is the first time I've hit 200 on a char. <.<
  11. www


  12. "Androids are the physical powerhouses of PSO"

    "Androids are the physical powerhouses of PSO"

    thanks sega