photon crystal

  1. Qannon

    S>Some odds and ends

    'Lo, Here's the list. Either hit me up here or on Discord (Brvcx#2767) Cheers, Calibur (Spirit) 0/35/20/0|55 {1PD} Gladius (Gush) 0/0/0/0|95 {offer} Gungnir (Gush) 0/0/0/0|80 {offer} Gae Bolg 0/0/0/0|60 {offer} Final Impact 0/0/15/0|20 {1PD} Slicer of Fanatic 0/0/15/25|0 {2PDs} Stink Frame...
  2. kanae

    s>photon crystals

    selling photon crystals 1pc : 500k meseta
  3. Tenyo2

    Want to make PDs? Check what I'm buyin'!

    Hey Ya'll, I am currently looking for the following: Grinders of any kind (Mono,Di, Trigrinders preferably.) Scape Dolls 50:1 PD. Bringer's Rifle OR Bringer's Right Arm (Will pay appropriately for 50 hit.) Delsaber's Buster and Delsaber's Shield (Or Enemy Parts, Delsaber Arms) TP Materials, HP...