1. brionac

    SNS Glitching and More for Newbies Guide

    I like to remind some players that we really didn't write a guide dedicated to this simple yet powerful glitch on the forum until now, but others like @StevieWonderDownUnder did mention it in passing in his Force Guide (WIP) post a couple months ago while @admiralpit mentioned a shorter version...
  2. VENOM

    VENOM's Mini TA Event (1p+ 2p NM)- NOW CLOSED

    EVENT CLOSED- Thank you all for participating. Link to video submissions: UPDATE June 12th: First time Submissions now CLOSED. (May 22nd) until June 12th- 11pm GMT. Winner's Circle NOW...
  3. Esther

    CS: TEAM SOULS (Highly active team for Normal & Hardcore Players)

    1 Team that covers Normal, Hardcore & Sandbox modes: Welcome to the: Cursed Souls - Normal Team (CS) Crimson Souls - Hardcore Team (CS) Souls Sandbox - Sandbox Team Anyone who wants to join the Unofficial Team Discord can freely click the link below: --> <-- (You...