1. brionac

    SNS Glitching and More for Newbies Guide

    I like to remind some players that we really didn't write a guide dedicated to this simple yet powerful glitch on the forum until now, but others like @StevieWonderDownUnder did mention it in passing in his Force Guide (WIP) post a couple months ago while @admiralpit mentioned a shorter version...
  2. VENOM

    VENOM's Mini TA Event (1p+ 2p NM)- NOW CLOSED

    EVENT CLOSED- Thank you all for participating. Link to video submissions: UPDATE June 12th: First time Submissions now CLOSED. (May 22nd) until June 12th- 11pm GMT. Winner's Circle NOW...
  3. Esther

    The CS (Highly active Normal/Hardcore Team) [We VC]

    Welcome to Team Souls! Cursed Souls - Normal Team (CS) Crimson Souls - Hardcore Team (CS) Souls Sandbox - Sandbox Team Notice that this is an ACTIVE team. We expect members who are interested in joining to be committed and mature in this team and Discord Servers associated with this team...