no resta

  1. No Resta! [Needs more Dark Flow Power!] Meme

    No Resta! [Needs more Dark Flow Power!] Meme

    This FOmarl clearly missed the memo in the lobby. The age old conflict of interest: Resta Support vs. "Dark Flow Support"
  2. Exodia

    Exodia's little Tradeshop (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

    Hello, I need to become even richer so here is my shop. Accepting PDs as payment. PCs are okay aswell, but only as part of your payment if the item is more than 1 PD. Main want is PDs My timezone is UTC +2 so keep that in mind when you want to set up a trade with me. Best way to reach me is via...
  3. ealonzo


    ₩ lil b here, i dont have a fancy list of unlockables, the team has barely unlocked its flag: but you get to be Based there are only 4 requirements 1. be Based 2. use dotum font 3. no HC 4. no resta follow these and if i deem you Based enough you are in or else i will curse you...