no resta

  1. No Resta! [Needs more Dark Flow Power!] Meme

    No Resta! [Needs more Dark Flow Power!] Meme

    This FOmarl clearly missed the memo in the lobby. The age old conflict of interest: Resta Support vs. "Dark Flow Support"
  2. Exodia

    Exodia's little Junk Heap (REOPENING AND MASSIVE UPDATE)

    Hello and welcome to my little shop. Accepted currencies: PDs Anniv. Gold Badge 1:1 Meseta only for the items that ask for it specifically. My timezone is UTC +2. You can reach me via Discord Exodia #3448. I probably won't answer PMs as frequently on this site due to me barely visiting the...
  3. ealonzo


    ₩ lil b here, i dont have a fancy list of unlockables, the team has barely unlocked its flag: but you get to be Based there are only 4 requirements 1. be Based 2. use dotum font 3. no HC 4. no resta follow these and if i deem you Based enough you are in or else i will curse you...