1. NDW

    Twitch Livestream Event!

    Who: NDW & CARNAGE What: Ephinea PSO Twitch Dual Stream When: Saturday, March 30, 2019 @ 8:00 PM EST Where: Twitch (http://kadgar.net/live/ndwoodruff/carnageaf) Why: CARNAGE is coming to visit me this Saturday, so we're going to hang out, play PSO, and host a dual stream event. It's going...
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  3. NDW

    NDW's Trade List

    Use Ctrl+F and enter a keyword to find an item you may be looking for. If you see an item you are interested in, ask for a price via post or PM. Thank you! When inquiring about items, please highlight and quote from my list for your post. Discounts may be given for bulk purchases. PM me for...