mother garb+

  1. D

    Want to trade my Mother Garb+ and Red Barrier for God/Ability or Heavenly/Ability or Centurion/Ability

    Let me know here or send an in-game message to my character: Dafirus
  2. Brvcx

    PD sjop

    Hey, Selling a few odds and ends. Here goes: Rambling May 0/0/0/15|0 Girasole 0/15/0/25|0 Madam's Umbrella 0/30/0/0|0 Red Scorpio 0/0/0/40|0 Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou (0), +164 DFP/+189 EVP (MAX being +166DFP/+191EVP) Striker Plus, +81DFP/+205 EVP (MAX being +90DFP/+205EVP) God/HP...
  3. Pso131099712945798008