1. D

    Request: HUmar Shorts Model

    Hello, Just curious to know if this is possible. I would essentially like to remove the HUmar model shorts pants below. I don't want to change the colors or anything, I just want to take my shorts off. Not sure if it's possible, but if it is, it would be awesome. If this is not possible, would...
  2. kromlech

    Need assistance with base class -> NPC model/texture swapping.

    Hello all, sorry in advance for the huge post, I’m trying to “make” a RaNewearl for my private server. I want to achieve this by replacing one of the NPCs, selectable with the /NPC# command, into a single texture/model of a HUnewearl. I do not want to mess with any of the 12 classes' model...
  3. Model Swap Glide Divine for Samba Maracas

    Model Swap Glide Divine for Samba Maracas

    It's only one of the Maracas, but it looks heaps better!
  4. xSHIVAx

    Guide for Creating and using own Models in game

    not available anymore