mind mag

  1. PreSonus

    -tentatively closed- Mag shop - Phantasy Star Mag Corp. - Selling all kinds of mags

    The price for each mag is 1 mag : Only600,000 meseta or 1 mag : Only 2PDs. How to contact me: You can contact me either by replying this thread, sending private messages, or accessing my Discord "PreSonus #1634" [All mags are Sync 120/IQ 200 guaranteed] POW>DEX type mags POW160 DEX35 POW150...
  2. kipsauce


    Hi all, my FOmarl mat plan calls for a very particular mag. I'm interested in Satos, Nidras, Sonitis, Stealth and maybe other types of mags and flexible (mostly) with color. We can price negotiate on an individual basis depending on what you got/my interest.
  3. B

    T> My 10/50/40/0 Blue Sato for Mind Mag

    Need a near pure Mind mag. Lvl 100 so i can put a cell on it or already special please.