mille marteaux

  1. Ai

    B>Heaven Punisher or SJS(done!)

    looking to blow all my pds on my first uber, good idea? probably not. Fun? You bet interested in: Heaven Punisher, or a SJS, with a 300pd budget. not exactly sure what HP even goes for nor have I even seen one traded (besides the mille that went for a ps..) if you're in the business to bankrupt...
  2. JMSaiVega

    Buying/Trading for Heaven Punisher

    I am looking for anyone with a spare Heaven Punisher Will trade: - 95 Photon Drops - Red Ring - i have a few coveted mag units - 3 item tickets - 30+ lucky eggs I don't know what the going rate is for H.Punisher...but i would like to try to buy one for what i'm offering here. I'm trying to...
  3. Pso131176135195953570


    I forgot about this one too
  4. Pso131176098867182234


    I forgot to upload this one in September
  5. UNO

    PC> 50h Ophelie Seize

    Found this a couple of weeks ago randomly helping someone hunt v101. Has 20%dark Also, maybe, open to offers. maybe. Depending on PC. maybe