1. Firkraag

    B> Gizonde Amp/Merge [DONE]

    bought one!
  2. kromlech

    Merge Combination Errors: combinations are not all correct results?

    Hello again, Teth troubleshoot forums, This time, I'm having an issue with Merge/Amplifier combinations. For some reason, some (not all) of the merges are becoming other merges when combined. For example, when I combine the barta amp with the blue barrier (on a sufficiently leveled character)...
  3. Firkraag

    A> Gifoie Merge [5/5 | 5/5] [DONE]

    SOLD: For 14 pd. Reserve: 13 pd Countdown: 24 hours
  4. NDW

    B>Rafoie Merge (DONE)

    PM me price. EDIT: Purchased for 6 PD's.
  5. EricPimpi

    A> Gifoie Merge [5/5 | 5/5] [Finished]

    Reserve: 10 PD Countdown: 48 hours, 24 hours resets
  6. S

    Need a Resta Merge or the amp/Barrier

    I'm new and dont have a whole lot to trade hoping someone doesn't want it. I'm on everyday and really want one. Name is Blizzaga or shiki or or just reply I think. If trade ia desired let me know what u want
  7. S

    Need a Resta Merge or the amp/Barrier

    I'm new to the server and I really want one. Dont have much to trade my friend might have some photon drops. My name is Blizzaga and shiki is friend. Please email me @ if you got one