1. Spuz

    B> TP [DONE]

  2. Firkraag

    A> 99x Luck Material [SOLD]

    SOLD! Lucky winner @Spuz Lately I have been told that I have too much luck, so I've decided to auction some of it off. Reserve: 20 pd Buyout: 35 pd or 70h+ Charge Diska (I'll add 15+ pds with the luck)
  3. T

    Trade List

    Have: Weapons (best offer) Handgun: Milla (0/0/0/40|10) Guilty Light (0/0/10/5) Red Scorpio (0/0/0/5) Samba Maracas (0/0/0/0) Lollipop (0/0/0/0|39) Agito 2001 (0/5/0/0) Mats (5 for 1 PD) Evade Mat x 10 HP Mat x 4 Def Mat x 5 Parts (best offer) Hildebear Head x 1 Booma Arm x 1 Gobooma Arm x...