1. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Silence Claw (0/0/0/25|65)

    It's a meme now. Reserve: 1 PD Countdown: 24 hours
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    S> Items For Everyone

    Need PDs + Bank Space. All negotiable within reason. If you're a new player I might give you some of this stuff, or heavily discount it. - Seize Calibur (40/45/0/0|55) 5 PDs - Beserk Raygun 55h 5 PDs - Hell Raygun 55h 7 PDs - Red Sword (0/30/0/0|20) 3 PDs - Sange (0/25/0/30|35) 8 PDs -...
  3. Ai

    Ai's First Trade List *not current;update later*

    Hi so I've amassed some junk in my bank. Strongly prefer PDs, but in some cases meseta can be substituted. 1PD=500k Meseta You can PM me on here, post in the thread, or add me on discord. d.#0956 Meseta in Stock: 10 Million = 500k per pd. (18 pds for the lot!) (will update this stock somewhat...
  4. Spuz


  5. Spuz

    Spuz's Unsealing & Custom Sranks. (CLOSED)

    CURRENTLY CLOSED (Unless paying in NM pds) DISCLAIMER: This is a hardcore thread in a hardcore section. Not The Regular Game mode. ------------------------------------------------------- General Notes: Unsealing services can have discounts discussed if multiple items and/or some kills already...