1. Loony

    OGG files Issues

    Hello. Xmas comming up and i want to change back classic christmas lobby music, but it update to ephinea version. Changes works fine with other ogg things but not with jinglebells. Thanks.
  2. A

    Addon Issues

    So, recently I was trying to have the character reader addons on my Ephinea. I followed the setup guide carefully, and I even double(or maybe even triple) checked it that I didn't mess up somewhere on the way to the end of the setup. I downloaded the lastest version of the addons. So the problem...
  3. Xlaits

    [SOLVED] Error no903

    I'm having some issues getting a connection from an outside network, and it's giving me those errors. The connection INCOMING tells the server that there's things going on, but there's NO OUTGOING DATA, so everything stops. Ports are forwarded, and everything. To clarify, the server knows...