ignition cloak

  1. =Hanto=

    Buying > Ignition Cloak[CLOSED]

    Don't care much for the stats just looking to buy one.
  2. Ai

    A>Ignition Cloak [0/8 | 7/8] [4S] >sold

    Minimum bid: 8 PDs 72HR countdown 24hr reset neeeed pds
  3. NDW

    A>Ignition Cloak [0/8 | 5/8] [0S] (CLOSED)

    Minimum bid: 5 PDs Countdown: 72 hours
  4. Ceri0n

    This months HBR, war of limits series.

    Perhaps a bit late but better late than never right? Anyway, this months HBR is is the WOL series. I hope this HBR does take a bit longer than until 2 Februari since doing one rotation of quests takes about 1.5-2 hours (still depends somewhat on your party as well). Wol1 has a lot of Astarks...
  5. M

    S>Red Ring 4/85 3/25- SOLD

    Selling 4/85 3/25 Red Ring Wants: Adept PD's Magical Piece Ignition Cloak Three Seals Offers Accepted, RAcast item's needed aswell