1. Exodia

    Exodia's Metroid | .hack BGM Replacer Pack

    I made a thing in the past 2 weeks that I decided to share for anyone who cares. Currently this pack includes 65 files. Most of the music in PSO has been replaced with what I feel is fitting music from the Metroid Prime series while the disk replacers feature songs from some of the .hack games...
  2. Lotus Eater

    A>0/0/25/0/30 Sange [CLOSED]

    Gave one away, figured I would do this to see what these fuckers are actually worth this time. I guess an auction is the best way to tell whether a weapon is actually okay or if people are being sarcastic! No, seriously, I am too much of a noob to know, and PMs are dangerous fam. Reserve: 2...