help game wont start

  1. S

    Game wont start

    download was no problem, and I can boot up the launcher just fine. But when I hit "start game" everything shuts down. There's no game load, there's nothing trying to load. It just immediately pops off of my task bar. I've tried going to my security options and white listing it but I cant make...
  2. W

    PSOBB won't work please help

    when i click the application it brings up the client and updates then when i click start it just closes itself no error message or file not found just closes i don't know what to do
  3. A

    Can't Get client to run

    ive got everything installed and i changed the compatibility settings to windows xp and admin start up but when i hit start it flashes a command screen for a sec then nothing. anybody know how to fix it?
  4. Emissara

    Game Will Not Start

    RESOLVED ive installed the installer and tried hitting start but nothing happens. I am using a windows 10 laptop and ive already messed with resolution to see if it was the problem. ive also tried installing another servers psobb and a similar issue happened not sure if its bc windows 10 or...