1. C

    A> ELECTRO FRAME [50/50|20/20] [0S] CLOSED

    CHB is Rugal19 with 350 ELECTRO FRAME [50/50|20/20] [0S] Max stats no slots RES: 5pd Timer: 72 hours, RESET: 4/26 at 3:56 MST, auction ends 4/27 at 3:56 MST Photon Crystals are acceptable on a 1:1 basis.
  2. .Kuja

    Electronic ♫ Playlist

    Hey, Given that lately i've been spending a lot of time here on Ephinea i thought of sharing this with you. Is a not-too-long electronic music playlist on Youtube i did a while ago. ► E69 If you also want to share a playlist here you're welcome to do it.