dll error

  1. D

    Trojan on install

    When Im updating the game microsoft is pulling a trojan, "Trojan:win32/Tiggre!plock" and when I looked into this it looks like some kind of ransomware. Why is the game pulling this when I'm updating? Also when I try to run I get "dll error" in the lower left corner when running the game and a...
  2. zOMGPak

    Windows 10 1909 Update (No.916 Error/!DLL ERROR!)

    Introduction I'd like to give you a small tutorial on fixing a recent, but common error that a lot of private servers have been having. In the case of this game, it's considered the No.916 Error (server is full) or at the bottom left of your screen during log-in, the !DLL ERROR!. How and why...