1. Rotxy2

    Hardcore Community Discord

    Hello! I'm here to announce and invite people to the unofficial Hardcore discord. It's not team specific. Anyone can join. Please read the rules and follow the directions to get in. https://discord.gg/CBrBcHp
  2. toiletman

    Discord messages make the game crash?

    For some reason anytime one of my friends gets a discord message the game crashes. There's been a few times where it hasn't but at least 90% of the time it crashes when they get a message. Anyone got ideas on what's causing this? Any help is appreciated!
  3. NDW

    Twitch Livestream Event!

    Who: NDW & CARNAGE What: Ephinea PSO Twitch Dual Stream When: Saturday, March 30, 2019 @ 8:00 PM EST Where: Twitch (http://kadgar.net/live/ndwoodruff/carnageaf) Why: CARNAGE is coming to visit me this Saturday, so we're going to hang out, play PSO, and host a dual stream event. It's going...
  4. Xlaits

    Nanotech Server [Server Ad]

    HELLO INTERNET! I've decided that, instead of just opening a server for my close friends, I figured I'd open it up to the world! I'll make adjustments and upgrades to the configuration as I get more members, but for now, I have a single ship, with a single block (180 Players!). Server's mostly...
  5. Escutcheon

    Hardcore Team: CORE

    A Helpful HARDCORE Team! WELCOME CORE is a small (for now) hardcore team with a focus on helping newer hardcore players stay alive. RULES We expect you to follow all of Ephinea's Rules, no exceptions. We also have a couple guidelines that all are encouraged to follow, as to help keep the...
  6. Esther

    The CS (Highly active Normal/Hardcore Team) [We VC]

    Welcome to Team Souls! Cursed Souls - Normal Team (CS) Crimson Souls - Hardcore Team (CS) Souls Sandbox - Sandbox Team Notice that this is an ACTIVE team. We expect members who are interested in joining to be committed and mature in this team and Discord Servers associated with this team...
  7. anime

    Ephinea Discord

    Here's a link to the (now public) Discord: [Redacted] The rules are similar to the forum rules. don't spam, don't be an asshole, don't bait other users. This Discord has been merged with the old server because it was dead, and we also don't need three 'official' servers for one videogame!