df field

  1. Brvcx

    [Done]A> DF Field [46/50] [20/20] [4S] [CHB: 5]

    Heya, Freshly found, didn't want to teampoint it, figured it's worth more to someone out there. We'll see what it brings! Reserve: 1 PD Countdown: 24 hours Reset: 24 hour Timezone: UTC +02 Wants: -PDs -Coal -Halloween Cookies
  2. ninjaratchet

    Ninjas small PD-Shop [Updated 16.3]

    Hey there, Ninjaratchet here to sell some stuff! I preferable accept PDs due to S-Rank Specials. Following are the lists of items I currently sell. Message me on Discord, in case you want to speed up the trading process!
  3. Ai


    looking specifically for brightness circle, df field, and/or guard wave have:6pd,mats,3m meseta

    PC > DF Field (w/ good def)

    How much do these things go for min stat, and how much do they go for with high def (think 40-50 range, close to if not maxed)? I hit the level requirement for them and I've been thinking about getting one, and want to know if I could afford it.