1. DiZzy

    [FINISHED]A>85h Calibur

    Hi Hell DANK Calibur [0/0/0/0|85] Reserve: 250pd Countdown: 72hours once reserve is met Wants: PD PS=99pd
  2. DiZzy


    Get you some. Reserve: 60pd Wants: PDs Gold Badges *psst*also have grants30 in my shop for 50pd if you want to complete the set ;)
  3. Aemse

    Guy's Mini-Mart

    You know the deal: Mesetta (1 stack = 999 999) or PDs (1pd - 333k) ·u· - L&K 38 [0/30/0/0] - Fatsia [15/0/15/0] - Flame Visit [0/0/0/0] - Light Relief [???] - God's Shield "Seiryru" [???] - Yata Mirror [???] - Yellow Barrier [???] - Stink Frame [???] - Amplifier of Blue -...
  4. Yueru

    Yueru's Shitlist {Updated 4/8/17}

    I know that a lot of my items are garbage If you would like to purchase any items please let me know which one and your in game name! Also, if the item's price is not listed it is free! Thank you! Weapons: RA Weapons: HU Weapons: FO weapons: Armor: Frames: Shields: Units...