1. Firkraag

    A> L&K38 Combat [0/0/0/100|50] [Sold]

    Sold! for 650 Reserve: 1 Countdown: 48 Hours Wants: Any item that's easy to sell or auction, if it's worth more than your bid I'll pay you the difference. Spheres, Cookies 4 pd
  2. Magby

    A> L&K38 Combat +25 [0/15/0/0|40] | SOLD: 65PD

    Reserve: 65PD Countdown: 48 Hours Resets: 24 Hours Wants: Photon Drops Photon Crystals 1:1PD Event Eggs 2:1PD Parasitic Gene Flow 45PD
  3. XileRain

    PDA> L&K38 Combat 0/0/15/15/45 (Finished 165pds)

    Grinding some good old TTF on my viridia and found this one today! Thanks Dal! lol Reserve: 20pd Countdown: 72hrs Reserve met! Countdown started!