1. S

    Selling My Bank!

    everything on the list for sale. make any offers no set pd on any item. get multiple items for a bargain. Durandal [Lord's] [0/10/0/0|15] Dragon Slayer [Burning] [20/15/0/0|0] Dragon Slayer [Burning] [25/15/0/0|0] Dragon Slayer [Burning] [0/0/0/30|0] Bloody Art [Devil's] [25/0/0/0|35]...
  2. ChiveyX

    Most Handsome's Cheapest Unseals

    Closed Hello, and welcome to my most Handsome and Cheapest Unsealing Shop! Prices: Lames - 6pd Limiters - 4pd I have 3 slots open to unseal Available services: Limiters x0 Lames x0 Stay Beautiful and Good looking, please leave inquiries here.
  3. EvilUpholsterer

    B> Last Swan / Master Raven @ 5 PDs

    One or the other. Probably not both currently but maybe. Message me if you have either, and are looking to sell them for less than they are worth. Thank you all! They are for my HUcaseal by the way, so if you are a HUcaseal fan, why not help me achieve my dream? Also willing to trade stuff, if...
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    S> For a Limited Time Only! (Ended)

    Going to list the following items for reduced prices, for 7 days only! While stocks last! Terms and conditions apply! Get in quick! All prices negotiable! - Rage de Feu (Blizzard) 0/0/0/0/20 1PD - Ophelie Seize 0/20/0/0/20 1PD - Guilty Light 25/0/25/0/20 1PD - Musashi 25/0/0/0/20 1PD - Snake...
  5. Spuz

    S> Zalure Gun (ES weapon) 5pds

    Trying to get rid of stock so selling cheap. ZALURE GUN x2 - 5pds each.
  6. VENOM

    Elite seasons gear (Reopened)

    Reopened, 2pd minimum spend. Meseta 333k:1pd
  7. Leonalmasy

    Leon's Small, Cheap List

    Nothing too crazy here, just some basic stuff. Laconium Axe +25 0/0/0/25/35 1PD Charge Sawcer 0/0/0/0/55 1PD Berserk Gungnir +6 0/0/0/0/45 1PD God/Battle 1PD (each) God/Battle Sacred Cloth 29/50 13/20 4 slot 2PD HP Materials 42x 5:1 PM me or just post reply here.
  8. CritDraw

    Sange's Tradelist (Closed)

    PM me or post here; you can also contact me on Discord: Sange#7478 Time Zone is CST -6. Currency accepted: Photon Drop Photon Sphere = 1:90 PD Photon Crystal = 1:2 PD Meseta = 400k:1 PD Wants: L&K38 Combat 50H+ N/AB Sange 50H+ with Dark or available area