1. hooty

    美的 a e s t h e t i c マグ m a g r a i s e s 育成

    Your friendly mag trainer proudly serving the playerbase! **Accepting normal and hardcore currencies.** 46 custom mags and counting! Contact me either here on the forum, or on Discord at Hooty#5060 Custom Mag Orders Offering custom material plans crafted specifically for you. Ensuring that...
  2. Esther

    HSC (Done)

    All gone :3 Scarlet (RAmarl) Sassy (FOnewearl) Cinnamon (FOmarl) Rezerabath (HUnewearl) Spirit (FOmar) Hekapoo (HUnewearl) Nexus (FOnewm) Arjinti (HUcaseal) Sheydaz (RAmar) Suu (RAcaseal)