1. brionac

    Calculator & Stats Reference

    Well, this calculator and stats reference won't waste paper. Too bad that not all of these calculators aren't tailored for Ephinea yet, but it's close enough. Also, enjoy the other references that have more information and numbers for you to look up! UPDATE! - Vanilla PSOBB Status Simulator by...
  2. honeydrew

    PSOBB: Complete Damage Analysis by Honeydrew

    helo i made dis this is used to determine pretty much every possible damage value. it is a tool designed to compare combos and weapons against each other and therefore optimize on damage. i started making it to accurately compare 100h vulcans against 50h cvulcs (tl;dr obviously cvulcs are...
  3. Why Cant I Hold All These Calculators?

    Why Cant I Hold All These Calculators?

    This is what redesigning every single monster in every single difficulty in every single episode looks like. Stay at home kids.