1. Jessica

    Cyrillic displays incorrectly.

    This may be a stupid question but how do you get cyrillic to display correctly in pso? Originally posted in quick question/answer but since its more of technical issue I reposted here xD
  2. Jessica

    B> srank mechs

    Looking for srank mechs which are either blank or with demons. Post or PM offers. Generic names ie demon mechs preferable but not important.
  3. Jessica


    Offering 15pds for one.
  4. Jessica

    Suggestion level lock

    This may be a little silly but think it would be nice to be able to lock levels between 10-15 25-35 60-70 etc. This would make helping N H VH players that don't have others to play with more enjoyable. Others may like it for novelty. I suggest it would be by command such as /locklv or /lockexp